How to get the right construction claim

Written by Lyle Charles

Problems in construction projects can be very troublesome. Circumstances like delays, breach of contract, as well as force majeure are just one of the many problems one encounters on any given day. Even if you engage in construction turnaround services, there is still the possibility of the entire project falling apart. If things have gone too sour for your project to keep going, you’re going to have to file construction claims to get back what’s yours. Construction claims involve various items from damages, penalties, as well as rescission. Things can become very tricky here since most parties would never settle without putting up a fight. Whether you go to court or you engage in alternative dispute resolution, you need to make sure that you file a proper claim so you wouldn’t be wasting any time at all. Delay in filing a claim or proposing a settlement may amount to tremendous losses especially when you have various assets on hold like equipment and manpower. If you want to avoid a particular claim from affecting the rest of your business, you need to act fast. You should determine exactly how much is owed to you based on the contract you have executed. Make sure that every claim you seek is based on law and on the contract. Do not make a claim that you can’t protect nor prove otherwise your claim would be defeated as quickly as you filed it. And of course, engaging the services of a reputable lawyer would always be an advantage.

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