KPMG and Like-Minded Organizations Working Together

They say that to thrive, in an economic sense, then it is all about who you know. Establishing connections is vital to the success of any up and coming or existing organization. Just having the connection, let alone who they are or what they do opens up a world of opportunity and also new markets. Suppose you worked for kpmg, a very successful company, but are having trouble promoting growth within your business. Having ties to similar businesses like Ernst & Young could lead to collaboration or at least the sharing of ideas and practices that work, and those that don’t, which would help to raise the quality of the industry as a whole.

                Whether you are working at pricewaterhousecoopers or deloitte, you would be surprised at the similarities you may share with employees of each organization. Friendly relations with both competing and cooperating organizations can reap a number of positive rewards. The more ties you have then the more opportunities there are for growth both internally and externally. Internally, the trading of both products and ideas will promote more stable business practices, and more stable business practices, in turn, will return a greater customer base, and more positive public recognition. Even the biggest of power players are recognizing the benefits of cooperative business, and is a trend that will only continue to rise. By working together, we can keep the economy flourishing and leave our children with an economic foundation that is readily growing rather than on the brink of collapse.