Reframing bad reviews and handling them effectively

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Bad feedback can disappoint a business owner as a negative review can impact a business’s image and sales. However, bad reviews are common as businesses cannot always meet every customer expectation. It is important not to take a bad review personally and look at them as an opportunity to grow and improve.

To reframe negative reviews, consider the following:

The customer may not fit your business – A business’s product or service may not be suitable for every customer. This is why businesses have a target market that fits with their sales and marketing strategies.

A bad review can be a learning experience – If a good customer, gives a bad review, it is probably a review that will help improve the business. Most customers, even when they are unhappy with a product, will remain silent. Therefore, appreciate the feedback and use it to your advantage.

A bad review is an opportunity – Consider the review as a chance to rectify a mistake and build a stronger customer relationship. Good customer service does not mean eliminating mistakes, instead, it involves rectifying mistakes and building a deeper customer relationship.

To handle a bad review correctly start by placing the customer’s needs first. Although a business would want a bad review removed, starting off the conversation with this request, will only aggravate the situation.

As an alternative, focus on the problem and listen to the customer. Empathize with the customer’s situation and tell them that you would have felt the same way in their situation. End with an apology and ask the customer how the business can resolve their issue. To avoid a similar situation, have a closer look at how the incident occurred and how processes can be altered to avoid it happening again.

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