The advantages of construction mediation

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction claims management, disputes, as well as conflicts in any project you undertake are problems that are normally encountered in the construction industry. Regardless of the kind of dispute you may come across, you’ll find that litigation must and always be considered as a last resort. This is so because it is a prolonged proceeding that could take years, ending up costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees as well. Most parties stipulate in their contracts that should any dispute arise during their agreement, the forum wherein their grievance would be brought is through alternative dispute resolution. Most parties prefer mediation proceedings over other forms of dispute resolution since this is a non-adversarial proceeding wherein both parties are able to arrive at a compromise. This means that any solution arrived at would be amenable to both parties. This is the primary advantage of construction mediation. Basically, there is no winner or loser, there are just solutions to real and pressing problems. This also means that no enemies are made, and business relationships are preserved. Moving forward, this allows you to retain clients where you may have hit some speed bumps with along the way, and the possibility of repeat business as well. That’s a huge advantage than litigation. And this helps you increase your market share, preserve your reputation, and get more business done. Most consulting firms offer quick and effective mediation for construction projects that will allow you to resolve your problems quickly so you can get back to your core business.


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