The Cost of Floating Homes and Houseboats

Floating Homes and HouseboatsLiving on the water can be a mesmerizing experience. For all of the prospective houseboat buyers out there, consider how much the cost would be when going this route.

Types of Water-based Homes

There are two types of nautical housing options: floating homes and houseboats. Consider houseboats as a vehicle. They are treated like a boat and are not permanently attached to any fixture. A floating home is attached to a dock and a sewer system. They tend to be looked at more like a house than a boat.

Financing Options

Financing floating homes can be expensive. With both housing types potentially costing more than a home on land, you should carefully consider whether or not you have the financial assets required.


Houseboats are financed in a similar fashion that a car is. Expect to see short term loans with high down payments. There is also an inspection fee that your boat will need to go through, which involves it being lifted out of the water to check for hull strength. Because of its tendency to depreciate rapidly, lenders are known to be a bit more reluctant to stretch out your loan.

Floating Homes

Floating homes are looked at the same as a normal home. This means that your property tax is equal to those of a land-based home. Lenders view it as real property. Obtaining a mortgage for a floating home is ideally the same as a regular home mortgage. There may be a higher interest rate and down payment, but the main procedure is typically the same.

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