The worldwide market for 4x Trade

386434_5352In the past, selecting a currency trading broker, known now as a forex broker, would have been very easy. There were limited forex brokers and there was very little choice, both online and offline. Nowadays, the game has changed; there are a lot of brokers covering the largest billionaire clients to even the smallest investors. The market in itself has grown tremendously over the years, expanding from trading volumes of several billion dollars a year to approximately three trillion dollars today.

4x trade (another name for forex trading) operates with the vast majority of trading conducted over the phone or through secure websites. The major trading hubs for forex are New York and London along with Tokyo and smaller trading hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong. As the viability of the currencies from these emerging markets grow, so will the volume of trades in those exchanges. Another country which has seen the volume of its currency traded grow, is Australia, and is one of the few countries whose currency appreciated during the financial crisis.

The vast majority of the three trillion dollars’ worth of currency trade is from the big banks and governments, as they look to maximize their foreign currency reserves by trading in and out depending on how individual nations are doing. Consumers who trade forex online make up only a fraction of the market and even as a collective group.