What is a TMF (Terminated Merchant File)

A terminated merchant file or a MATCH (Member Alert to Control High-Risk (Merchants) File is a list formulated and maintained by MasterCard which includes names of merchants whose accounts have been terminated due to problems caused to the merchant bank. Acquiring banks and merchant service providers like Solid Trust Pay will use this list to screen potential new customers who have made applications to open merchant accounts. Merchant banks are hesitant to provide merchant accounts to persons whose names have been included in the MATCH file due to the high risk they pose to the bank.

So how does a person get listed in the TMF?

MasterCard has a list of reasons why a merchant account can be terminated resulting in the merchant being included in the TMF. These reasons include; Excessive fraud: where the merchant has effected fraudulent transactions, Excessive chargebacks, bankruptcy, merchant being involved in illegal transactions, and identity theft among other reasons.

Most often a merchant finds out that he is listed in the TMF when his application to open an account is rejected due to the listing. He can find out from that bank the reason why he is listed.
Having your name listed in the TMF by merchant service providers such as solidtrustpay is a big negative factor for a business since the chances of acquiring credit processing facilities from a merchant bank will be very difficult and it is even harder to get your name deleted from the TMF.

So if and when you do find out that you are listed call the bank that listed you to find out why. Find out if the reason you have been listed is valid or you have been listed for a reason which does not warrant a listing. If there is an error you can request for your name to be removed. If Solid trust Pay is the acquiring bank that listed you it has to make the request for deletion to MasterCard.

If the reason for listing is fraud the chances of your deleting the listing will be nearly impossible.
If it is excessive chargebacks you have to give time until all the chargebacks have been rectified from the merchant’s customers and solidtrustpay is satisfied that it will not be saddled with having to pay those customers before removing the name from the list.

According to the provisions in MasterCard the listing will remain in the system for a period of Five years.