Why Cups and Lids Can Make All the Difference to Your Gelato Shop

Running a gelato business can be a fun way to make good money. Everyone loves gelato, meaning you’ll see a constant stream of customers who enter your shop excited and leave happy. However, a successful gelato business isn’t all about smiles. If you want to keep those customers happy, you need the right supplies. Continue reading to understand why cups and lids are so important.

While your gelato will steal the show, your frozen yogurt paper cups will be half the presentation. They can speak volumes about your business, so make sure you’re spending the money to purchase a high-quality version. If you try to save money by purchasing a cup that lacks thickness, the gelato will leak through and cause a mess. You won’t be seeing those customers again.

Pan liner lids are also an extremely important part of your presentation. Of course, they also play an important part in keeping your gelato sanitary. But these lids are equally important for giving your customer peace of mind. No customer wants to eat gelato that they’re afraid may have let bugs in or other debris. Unlike cups, these lids can be used over and over again, so spend money on buying the kind that don’t just do the job, but show the customer they do too.

At the end of the day, your gelato business can have the best flavors in town, but if it lacks the right cups and lids, you won’t get very far.


Article submitted by Gelato Products. The company offers everything your gelato business needs including cups and tasting spoons.