Why More Attorneys Should Hire Firms for Jury Selection Research

The process of jury selection research is driven by the social science principles of scientific jury selection. It is seen as an extension of the right of voir dire, which gives attorneys the right to question and examine potential jurors for biases that may skew the outcome of a trial. Because selecting the right jurors may decide the outcome of a case if the evidence leaves the facts ambiguous, it is important to find the right firm to design juror survey questions and conduct jury selection research before the case is in full swing.

While it is possible for attorneys to think of questions to ask potential jurors during the formal pre-trial questioning, it may be more helpful to hire professionals well-versed in survey data collection to conduct pre-trial juror surveys. Experienced survey firms know how to design questions that yield the most useful information, including the backgrounds, belief systems, and natural tendencies of potential jurors. Jury selection research firms can also conduct mock trials to determine how a jury is likely to respond in certain trial situations.

Through the use of social science, a good jury selection research firm can analyze which jurors are more likely to choose a favorable or unfavorable verdict. Armed with this knowledge, you can choose the jurors most likely to give your client a fair trial. While research is not a perfect determiner of success in court, it can still contribute to securing a favorable verdict on the day of the trial.

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