Contact Center Solutions for Franchises

Franchises need to have consistency across different offices and stores in order to maintain their corporate branding. Contact center solutions help them standardize the customer service offered from location to location.

Whether your franchise is a restaurant, gas station or bank, establishing a level of consistency from location to location is critical to its success. Customers want to have the same experience every time they step into a store that is branded under your umbrella. When something goes wrong at one franchise location, it reflects poorly on the brand as a whole. This is why franchise owners place such a great emphasis on standardizing customer support services from branch to branch.

Franchise owners spend lots of time and money making sure that each store has the same look and feel and that customers have the same experience each time they walk into a location no matter where it is. However, many franchise owners leave it up to franchisees to develop their own customer support services for receiving calls. This is a major mistake — a bad or unusual experience when receiving help desk services can ruin your ability to standardize your customer service as much as any in-person irregularities.

A better option is to work with call center companies such as Map Communications who specialize in creating customer support solutions for franchises. Their turnkey solutions are proven to help provide franchise customers with standardized help no matter where they are calling from. The ability for franchise operators to create custom scripts depending on the location of the calls, for example, allows them to keep a local feel to their services while having everything routed to one central location.

If you would rather send messages to a franchise directly instead of having one call center handle everything, this can be done as well. The geographic information of each caller can be used to instantly find the closest franchise location to them and route the call to that place.

Franchises can be scattered throughout the country — or even all over the world. This means that important messages might have to wait hours to reach a person at a local office or store who can handle it. Contact center solutions such as those offered by Map Communications can eliminate this problem by delivering urgent messages to the right people instantly through a variety of communications channels such as cell phones, text messaging and email.