Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG: Reputable Services Firms

Deloitte is one of the most popular audit, consulting, risk management and financial advisory all over the world. It is a UK based company where other independent firms come together to provide services such as auditing, consulting, financial advisory, risk managing as well as tax services. It is a private company which is limited by guarantee. This basically means that they do not guarantee that the independent firms under them will live up to customers’ expectations.

KPMG is a professional services firm based in the Netherlands servicing people worldwide. K stands for Klynveld, P is for Peat, M is for Marwick and G is for Geordeler. The name of the company is a derivative from the founders’ first letter of their last names. They have independent contractors and consultants in the field of finance, business management, writing, science, software development and even in real estate. Their main lines of financial services are tax, auditing and advisory. Their mission is to provide reliable service to their clients no matter where they are in the world.

Accenture is a worldwide management, consulting, technology services and outsourcing company based in the US. They bring together people from different fields of professional services and customers to provide a satisfactory service. To date, they have served 223,000 plus people all over the world.

If you need help managing your finances, tax, auditing and other stuff, you should look into the companies stated above for help so you don’t need to fret about not being able to get things done the way it is supposed to be.