Do you see forex robots every where?

While it’s an accepted fact that the forex market is a labyrinth and virtually an unlimited source of information, what is indeed annoying is the fact that people view this market (as opposed to the share market) with suspicion rather than trying it for themselves.

Like robots programmed to respond only to the words of their forex brokers…

The truth is that these guys aren’t in a much of position to provide any guarantees with the rise and fall of the market either, and in some cases, when they are, tend to deal with their clients so that they benefit much more than their clients would.

And then of course, there’s the average dreamer who has money and wishes to employ forex robots to do his money-making for him while he continues to live out his fantasies in unmitigated self-indulgence. Perhaps in this case, at least he does what he wishes to and makes more than a killing each time.

So, is it wise to someone else when making your own choice whether this is in regards to the forex market or anything else?

Hardly, as there are risks involved in everything just as much as there is in making a 4x trade, and if you can’t, then you might as well call it quits.

Life, by its design, is all about risk and taking chances while trusting your instincts, and it is only those who dare to use these basic tools will survive anywhere, and yes, even the forex market.