Fiancee Visa Can Help Get Your Loved One into The United States

You may already be a valid green card holder in the United States for a number of years, and you are thinking about using naturalization to be able to apply to become a full citizen.  By utilizing form N400, you can make this a reality and take the necessary steps to getting your loved one into the country.


You may have a loved one who is living in a different country.  You have taken all of the appropriate steps necessary to make him or her your husband or wife.  You have gone out and done your research, you have picked out the perfect engagement ring, and you are ready to ask that person to marry you and be with you for the rest of your life.


There is just one problem, this person is not a valid green card holder and has no qualifications to be a U.S. citizen.  What you may not know though is that if that person if your fiancée, you can actually use that status to get them into the United States.


Immigration forms exist out there that allow you to apply for what is known as a fiancée visa.  This type of visa can be utilized to get through immigration and customs to reside in the United States to live with your loved one.  This type of visa is not known to be used that widely as many are unaware that it actually exists. Can help you understand the necessary steps to completing this visa to get that person you love into the United States legally, and as fast as possible.