Good Habits Every Employee Working From Home Should Have

As the business world adapted to changing work conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees found themselves working from home for the first time. While regular remote employees have had time to assimilate to the realities of remote work, many first-time remote workers may have been surprised by the demands of having a home office.

Lucy Lyle, who previously ran the company Perch, commented, “First-time remote employees need to understand that the work environment of working from home is significantly different from working in an office setting. You won’t have the opportunity to have water cooler chats with your co-workers. You’ll also be exposed to a whole new set of challenges and distractions.” Lucy Lyle added, “Data actually shows that some employees are more productive when working from home. Success at remote work depends on the habits that employees cultivate.”

In light of this, the most productive employees working from home should develop good habits such as keeping their home office clean and organized, setting a good work schedule, and avoiding distractions. Lucy Lyle previously espoused the importance of keeping a work desk organized in an interview for a Men’s Health article. She reiterates, “Since you’re working from home, it’s tempting to pile objects into clusters of items. You need a system to keep you organized, or you’re setting yourself up to be unproductive.”

In addition to an organized home office, remote employees should also set a good work schedule to avoid stress and procrastination. A concrete schedule can also help avoid distractions, which can be abundant while working from home. Keep the television out of your workspace, and make sure it is quiet and free from any visual distractions as well.