Installing a tankless water heater, is it worth it?

There are few things more horrible than jumping into the shower and getting hit by piercing, spine tingling ice cold water. One creature comfort in this modern age that has become a necessity is the ability to enjoy a warm and rejuvenating shower. This is why it is important to be well informed when making a decision to buy hot water heater.

Conventionally, the way to have a consistent hot water supply is to have a heater that comes with a tank. This system is very straightforward. You have a reservoir tank which is heated by a furnace heater which pipes hot water through your household. The problem with this conventional system though is that as the tank gets older, nasty mineral and metal deposits form inside the tank which could possibly taint your water supply with deadly contaminants.

A modern water heating system that has been developed is the tankless water heater system. While the initial cash outlay may be greater than with a conventional system, the benefits you will reap far outweighs the money you will spend. A tankless system works by drawing water from your supply and running these through heating coils that instantly heats water. This is better than a conventional system because you without a tank to maintain, you will save on maintenance in the long run and because heating is instant, you don’t need to run it all day.