The Case of Google in China: Why You Need an International E-Commerce Law Firm

In 2000, American-based Google started to offer a Chinese-language version of In China, however, all broadcast media are owned by, or affiliated with, the Communist Party of China or a government agency. The Central Propaganda Department lists subjects that are off limits to domestic broadcast media with the government maintaining authority to approve all programming. Google entered the market, but agreed to censor what information and data was provided through their site. Some other media outlets were outraged that Google would compromise on their mission statement and allow the Chinese Government to censor them. Actually, Google practiced self-censorship in compliance with the laws and regulations of China.

So what do you do if you’re a website that will be viewed internationally? It’s best to have an international e-commerce law firm to review the regulations as to content before you get started. It is imperative that you have an attorney familiar with technology laws and the concept of e-commerce guide you as you navigate the waters of a new country.

With our views today of a global marketplace and the technology that allows us to reach people all across the globe, the services of an international e-commerce law firm are crucial to ensure that we’re not breaking any laws and are well-versed in all applicable regulations.