Three Types of Dental Insurance

So, are you looking for dental insurance and aren’t sure where to start?

Right off the bat, the term ‘dental insurance’ pertains to procedures and treatment that are offered by a dentist, and not any other type of medical professional. With the exception of dental surgery (where you might require the expertise of a doctor), most of your dental issues will be handled by a qualified dentist.

Since there are so many dental plans out there offered by insurance carriers, perhaps understanding the types of dental insurance offered might give you a better picture of what you might be looking for.

So here are three types of dental insurance that you can review before obtaining an individual dental plan for yourself:

#1: Fee-for-Service

With these types of plans, you get to pick the dentist that you trust, and you pay him according to the fees that he normally charges for these procedures. Unlike other plans, this one involves only paying for the service that the dentist has provided to the patient. One big advantage for those who select this type of plan is the Direct Reimbursements to the dentist so you won’t have to make any payments. For employers, this can turn out to be advantageous as well due to the fact that you will only pay a percentage of the fees that the dentist charged, and not monthly premiums.

#2: Managed Care

Unlike the first type of plan, these plans limit your choice of the dentist that you will want to consult in addition to not being able to meet your dentist when you think you have to. If that’s not enough, you cannot choose the type of treatment that you might need to have as well. These restrictions are in place so that you can pay a low monthly fee for the services provided. If you are a senior citizen, you might find it interesting to compare Florida Medigap insurance plans with the Medicare Managed Care plans.

#3: Discount Dental Programs

While these do not directly fall under the category of insurance, these plans are in place so that you can receive a discount when you visit the dentist for procedures ranging from a simple cleaning to even crowns as well. The advantage in trying these plans out is that you can save almost 30 to 50 percent.