Tips for Helping Keep Your Teeth Healthy Beyond Individual Dental Insurance

A lot of people have medical insurance but they don’t get something like individual dental insurance. Taking care of your teeth is very important.  Below you are going to find some suggestions for taking care of your smile and making it looks as pretty as possible.

  • You ought to brush two times a day using some kind of fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily.
  • Select a toothbrush that is ADA- accepted. It should have polished bristles since they’re not as likely to harm your gums. Use a toothbrush that is soft-bristled and which has a shape and size that lets you reach all of your tooth surfaces.
  • Replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months, and sooner if your bristles are frayed or worn. Also replace it if you have been sick.
  • Don’t use oral irrigators instead of regular brushing or flossing. They’re made for people who have partial fixed dentures or braces. They are not something to use instead of doing regular oral care.
  • If you have sore jaw muscles or pain, or headaches, it may mean that you’re clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Talk to the dentist about having a guard to wear during the night. This is going to protect your joint area and your teeth.

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