Troubleshoot a Commercial Garage Door

A commercial garage door is highly functional in most professional environments, providing you with a convenient way to access the interior of a space, as well as to secure the items stored inside. These doors are used everywhere, from automotive service centers to large retail stores. Daily use can contribute to problems over time, and the doors will need repair and maintenance from time to time. If you discover that your commercial garage door is in poor condition, you can consider following a few key tips in order to ensure its functionality.

Inspect Rollers

First, you can inspect the interior of the garage door to determine if the rollers are on the tracks. If the garage door is able to move upward or downward, try slowly raising and lowering the door to check where the problem is on the tracks. Some issues may be resolved by applying a lubricant substance to the tracks and rollers, which is usually an obvious visual cue.

Inspect Springs

You can also inspect the springs for wear and tear. Generally, the garage door will not move upward or downward if the springs are broken. If the garage door appears to be in good condition, try reprogramming your garage door opener, and or changing batteries in any remotes you use to gain access.

Hiring a Professional
Professionals can better inspect the machinery of your doors, and help you assess serious problems in the way your door may be functioning. Always opt to give your own visual inspection of the door, and try out what you know.


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