Two Tips When Looking for Cheap Car Tires

A lot of people are on the lookout for cheap car tires. If you need new Michelin tires, you are going to find a couple of tips that you can use below to help your tire purchasing venture a good one and make sure that you are getting the right tires for your car.

  • Be sure you need tires.  Look at the tires that you have on your car. If there’s a lot of tread wear, discoloration, bulging, or cracked sidewalls, you need new tires.   Also, if the tires you have are more than a decade old, you should think about replacing them.    Most people don’t really think about their tires until they have a flat tire on the road. 
  • Be sure the car’s in good shape.  Inspect the tires for uneven wear, which could indicate problems with suspension or alignment.  Look for signs such as more wear on your outside or inside of the tires rather than even wear.  If you are putting new tires on a car that’s got bad shocks or that’s misaligned, you are going to throw money away. Most of the tire centers are going to inspect your tires and assess the condition of your car before buying.

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