Using your Business Card to Generate the Most Leads

Many business owners do not realize just how many leads they can generate by using a business card. Business cards are often an overlooked form of lead generation. They are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and can become one of the most beneficial tools to use for your business if used correctly.

As a business owner, you want to avoid going with the normal types of business cards because they are extremely ineffective. Normal business cards are those that are plain and only contain the business’s name and the contact information. In most cases, these business cards are ignored by potential prospects. Here’s what you can do differently for your business: create a business card that gets the potential prospects to take a certain action. If you are curious as to how that is more effective, the answer is simple. A call of action will catch the attention of prospects more than just boring contact information on a business card.

Formatting the perfect and most effective business card is all about following a certain formula. This formula describes the ideal business card as one that interrupts them, engage them, and makes an offer that they actually will not want to miss out on. To do this, you must do the following:

-Add an attention grabbing headline
-Promise a solution to an important problem
-Provide compelling information that educates them
-And include a specific call to action

Business cards are small, but it is possible to do all of that on one business card.

Here’s how:

The front of the business card should contain the logo of the business, the business’s name, and the contact information. At the bottom of the business card, you should have a line that says “for a special offer, see the opposite side.” This sentence should be in the color red so it stands out and really grabs the attention of the prospects.

Traditional business cards are almost always ignored by potential leads. This is because your prospects are bombarded every single day with various forms of advertisements, and unless they are ones that really grab their attention, they’re going to tune them out.

Adding a call of action is one of the most effective ways to catch the interest of potential leads. Including an offer that they will not want to pass up is one way to pave the way to success. A call of action in red on the business card is a unique method that works almost every time. This gets the prospects to eagerly turn the card over and see what the offer is.

Since business cards are small, it is hard to include everything you want on it. One way to include more information is adding in a URL that they can follow to learn more about the services of your business. This can be anything from a web page to a video on YouTube. If you choose to include the link to a video, choose a video that accurately represents you and your business. The video should be interview style and include information that helps the potential leads get to know you better.

Don’t stop at one video though. Underneath the main video, have another shorter video that explains how your business can help them and why they would benefit from using your business instead of the competition.

If you want to focus on using your business card to generate leads, use the tips that have been discussed in this article. Create a business card that will be sure to catch the attention of your potential prospects and make sure it includes a special offer. This will add a unique flair to it that will be hard to ignore. Business cards are one of the best ways that will help your business succeed.

Article provided by Biz Cards