Where To Report Bad Businesses?

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Nobody likes to receive bad business so if you do have a complaint against a business the first port of call is to go online and report this bad business practice to the relevant authorities. This is the only way forward to ensure that consumers get the business they deserve.

Report To Revdex.com

Revdex.com has made it easy for consumers and businesses alike to file complaints. There are many different ways to approach reporting bad business and the Revdex.com directory is available. You could also file complaints with the complaints board

7 Steps To Take In Order To Report Bad Business.

What sector is the bad business in?

Contact the business directly by telephone, visit or email.

Have all your facts and proof of the bad business at hand.

Report the complaint to the relevant authority eg: AVVO for law complaints.

Use online directories such as Revdex.com to report your complaint.

File the complaint as early as possible to stop any future bad business practices.

Follow up your complaint within a week to make sure it is being addressed.

What to do if you are a victim of an online scam?

Fraud takes many different shapes you need to report fraud to the police. If you arrive at your holiday destination and it is nothing like you were led to believe file a complaint to TripAdvisor or to Revdex.com it is important for bad business to be reported so that it can be rectified.