Windows, Doors and More See Surging Demand

New eco-friendly regulations in construction are fueling an increased demand for better doors and windows. Commercial construction projects can contribute some of the largest losses of energy if the builder is not conscious of eco-friendly regulation. There are advantages to upgrading doors and windows on existing projects too. Here are some reasons that demand is surging for new fixtures.

Energy Bills

One of the primary reasons to perform the swap is the energy bills of the building. Energy efficient windows and doors will stop heat loss and cut down on the time HVAC systems need to run. That means the system will last longer, and cost less in maintenance. Revolving doors are good for this purpose, but double pane windows are equally as effective. Designers can also plan for the sun to hit the building at certain angles, and provide plenty of window space to warm offices and lobbies throughout the day.


Along with the added energy savings comes the advantage of better appearances. Modern doors and windows are sleek, made of wood and metal. They are very angular, with plenty of accessories designed to bring that modern feel to the forefront.

Weather Concerns

Heat loss isn’t the only problem building makers face when they are ordering materials. Weather in places like Florida, where hurricanes are an almost yearly occurrence, can actually shatter windows. This is a safety hazard in addition to a costly repair. New fixtures take weather into account with more resilient materials designed to keep the building locked down in the event of a major storm.


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